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Windows Inspection Tool Set  v.3.0.25

The Windows Inspection Tool Set (WiTS) chops up Windows multiple ways providing you with cross-linked, filtered views into a Windows system. View operating system information, processes, services, users, network interfaces and connections, file

PatchMonkey Windows Update Tool  v.0.7

PatchMonkey is a simple software tool that can be used to easily install any silently installable software on groups of Windows computers. Also provides easy file and registry checking (and action) for groups of Windows computers.

Windows Programming/Debugging Tools  v.1.11

Small utilities package that can be used by programmers for debugging and research. Including, DLL Export Viewer which scans the dll files in the desired folder and find all exported API and COM interfaces, GDIView which displays the list of all GDI

TinyIDE MUSH Programming Tool  v.1.0

The TinyIDE project is an attempt to create a new MUSH client for coders in TinyMUSH, PennMUSH, etc. This will feature code formatting, object browsing, and general MUSH client

Just BASIC  v.1.01

Just BASIC is a free personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for teaching or learning programming. Create utilities, games, business apps with syntax coloring editor, debugger, GUI editor. Produces standalone applications.

CodeMorphis DVD Player  v.1.1

Free CodeMorphis DVD player, created in less than an hour by a programming novice, using Synopsis (, a visual programming tool. Synopsis is a visual programming tool that requires no programming

PennyTel SMS Tool  v.1.0

A free Windows SMS tool for PennyTel VOIP accounts that sits in the system tray.

EWEB - literate programming in AsciiDoc  v.b.9.10

Make AsciiDoc part of your literate programming tool set. With eWEB you can weave and tangle literate programs written as AsciiDoc documents, using embedded WEB code

Velneo vDevelop  v.6.4

Velneo vDevelop is a programming tool for developing management and database applications in a completely visual way in 32 bits multitask environments, developed initially for Windows. It uses the market's standards. Great VB/.Net alternative.

Chaqo  v.alpha.3

An easy to use interpreted scripting language for Windows, programmed in Visual Basic. The aim of developing the software is for it to be a simple but powerful programming tool, useful for personal software and education

Outlook Sidebar Control  v.beta16

A Complete Implementation Of The MS Outlook 2003 Sidebar Control.Supports Features Like: Automatic Theme Handling With A Custom Colours OptionDeveloped Using VB6, This Control Could Be Used By Any Windows Platform Programming Tool That Supports

Registry Easy Review  v.1.0

Registry Easy Review. Registry Easy is the latest windows registry windows repair tool that runs on all windows operating system from Win 98 to the latest windows Vista. Use a simple one click to scan and fix all obsolete registry entries and DLL

Small Basic  v.0.5.1

Small Basic 0.5.1 brings you an easy to use and useful programming tool which can support beginners in programming.Major Features: Comprises a simple programming language that gathers inspiration from the original BASIC programming language,A modern

Aurel Basic  v.RC2 Build 1.2

Aurel Basic is simple programming tool wich is made for beginers in programing world. He is dialect of BASIC , and like other basic languages he share his simple sintax and philosophie of programming.This software is oriented to learn basics for

Maria Basic Interpreter  v.

Maria Basic Interpreter is a command-line programming tool - interpreter designed to help all PDA users easily code formula/calculations procedures that can be executed on their handheld devices improoving their productivity. The default input

Portable Resolver  v.1.0.2

Resolver is a windows based tool which designed

HexTool  v.

HexTool is a simple yet effective Windows calculator/tool; invaluable for people who work with Hex and Binary.

Slick Test Developer  v.1.15 R1

A windows automation tool designed by and for Automation Engineers

ARPCache Viewer  v.1.01.01

ARPCache is a secret, undocumented section of the registry used to store information for Add/Remove Program items in the latest versions of Windows. This tool allows you to see what is in your ARPCache and lets you remove items from it.

Personal statement help  v.1.0

personal statement help, app will allow you to blog to a high qulity on windows. This tool works on nearly all windows and is a sure firer way to get blogging

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